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Verge of the Dude

I leave rambling voice mail messages on my friend's answering machine and you get to hear them too. Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take.

Feb 8, 2019

Hey Dude, I take a moment to remember my mom on the eve of her birthday. Then I riff on how cool podcast artwork and the quality of the show are related. 

PEOPLE/ARTISTS: Tim & Emile Bourquin, Michael W. Geoghegan, Bob Dylan, "John in the UK", Dan Klass, Krissy Tee, Grace Duncan, Christopher Reeve, Heath Ledger, Adam Levine

PODCASTS: Verge of the Fringe, New York Said, Beyond and Back Podcast, Scary Stories Podcast

SONGS/MUSIC: Every Grain of Sand, Christian rock

PLACES: Descanso Gardens, Orange County, United Kingdom, Anaheim, Angel Stadium, Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium, San Gabriel Mountains

SPORTS/TEAMS: Angels, Liverpool FC, Dodgers, Super Bowl

THINGS: podcasting, LA Podcasters, Portable Media and Podcast Expo, branding, indie podcasts, vintage pin-up, antenna TV, oasis

SOUNDS: crows, helicopters, squirrels, sirens, wind

PHOTO: "Verge of a Business Card" shot on my iPhone5

RECORDED: February 7, 2019 on the observation deck at the Zane Grey Estate in Altadena, California 

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Proudly present rough, raw and ragged. Seasoned with salty language and ideas. Not for most people's taste. Please be advised.