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Verge of the Dude

I leave rambling voice mail messages on my friend's answering machine and you get to hear them too. Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take.

Apr 4, 2022

Hey Dude, while listening to KPCC on the radio, I heard a mashup episode of Snap Judgement and Love + Radio, featuring Nick van der Kolk interviewing Glynn Washington. The whole thing made me trip on the blurred lines between podcasting and radio.

QUOTE: "I freakin' love radio."

CHARACTERS: Will Smith, Chris Rock, Nick van der Kolk, Glynn Washington, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Evo Terra, Tee Morris, Tim Coyne, Lightnin' Hopkins, Les Blank, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf

SETTINGS: Wawona, Ukraine, Altadena, Los Angeles, The Brewery Art Colony, Barbara's at the Brewery

PODCASTS/RADIO: Verge of the Fringe, Love + Radio, KPCC, Snap Judgement, Podcast Hall of Fame, Dawn and Drew, Keith and the Girl, Podcasting for Dummies, Podiobooks, Podcamp, Podcast Movement, National Public Radio, Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, SiriusXM

THINGS: Kombucha, Motion Picture Academy, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rough and Rowdy Ways, Every Grain of Sand, Blowin' in the Wind, Blues, Video Killed the Radio Star

SOUNDS: Laguna Sawdust Cowbell Chimes footsteps, birds, jet, freeway, virgin cocktail, horn

GENRE: storytelling, personal narrative, personal journal

PHOTO: "Wawona Podcast Studio" iPhone XS

RECORDED: April 2, 2022 from the "Wawona Lawn" under the flight path of the Bob Hope Airport in BurbankCalifornia

GEAR: Sony ICD PX370 digital voice recorder and Sony ECM CS3 "tie-clip" microphone.

HYPE: "It's a beatnik kinda literary thing in a podcast cloak of darkness." Timothy Kimo Brien (cohost on Podwrecked and host of Create Art Podcast)

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Proudly presented rough, raw and ragged. Seasoned with salty language and ideas. Not for most people's taste. Please be advised.