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Verge of the Dude

I leave rambling voice mail messages on my friend's answering machine and you get to hear them too. Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take.

May 18, 2020

Hey Dude, while standing in the rain, I riff about three towering North Hollywood Huskies: musician D.J. Bonebrake, writer Susan Sontag, and artist Bobby Doran.

PEOPLE: X, Erin Moran, John Williams, Garry Marshall, Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye 

PLACES: North Hollywood High School

THINGS: "Alphabetland", "On Photography",

Apr 24, 2020

Hey Dude, I riff about my internal conflict between recording audio versus video. Plus I rant about bad pedestrians and Dylan's new song.

PEOPLE: Ken Dougherty, Chef Todd Payden, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Bob Dylan

PLACES: Glendale, Burbank, Theatre Row

THINGS: tiny living, Ralphs, "Murder Most Foul"


Apr 5, 2020

Anyways Dude, I riff about telling stories on video again, inspired by Story Salon. Then I trip on my cheap new voice recorder and the challenges of recording outdoors. 

PEOPLE: Captain Crozier, Spalding Gray, Casey Stengel, Dean Sharp

PLACES: China, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Altadena

THINGS: Sony, buffs,

Mar 23, 2020

Hey Dude, I check-in from my new pad, where I'm hunkered down for who knows how long. I also riff on my plan to gather and share my family's trippy stories.

PEOPLE: Joan Anderson, Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac, Zane Grey 

PLACES: California, Burbank, Mt. Olympus, Sunset Boulevard, Laurel Canyon, Warner Bros.