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Verge of the Dude

I leave rambling voice mail messages on my friend's answering machine and you get to hear them too. Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take.

Feb 7, 2023

Hey Dude, I riff on the idea of "micro-generations" and make the case that I'm at the center of my own private "Star Wars Generation" even though I'm really a Rocky guy.

QUOTE: "The wheelhouse crowd for Star Wars..."

PEOPLE/ACTORS: JFK, David Sheehan, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Sylvester Stallone,

Nov 27, 2022

Hey Dude, I was feeling deep blue until I saw a Facebook post from an old high school classmate, and later the video of Annie Lennox getting inducted into the Rock Hall.

QUOTE: "Whenever I need to jump start my creativity, I watch it."

PEOPLE: Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Eurythmics, Edge, U2, The Tourists,

Aug 10, 2022

Hey Dude, I fondly reflect on the passing of our beloved cat Thomas, the great Vin Scully, and the luminous Olivia Newton-John.  I also find time to whine about not making it on the radio.

QUOTE: "A tear welled up in his left eye."

PEOPLE: Zane Grey, Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, Jake Downey, John Rabe,

Jun 1, 2022

Hey Dude, I riff and ramble about Howard Hughes and his dirty fingerprints all over the 20th century. I also admit to going on a 48 hour binge of The Americans. 

QUOTE: "Another time, another dime."

PEOPLE: Ray Liotta, Edward Albee, James Ellroy, Howard Hughes, JKF, RFK, Larry O'Brien, Richard Nixon, Robert Maheu,

Apr 4, 2022

Hey Dude, while listening to KPCC on the radio, I heard a mashup episode of Snap Judgement and Love + Radio, featuring Nick van der Kolk interviewing Glynn Washington. The whole thing made me trip on the blurred lines between podcasting and radio.

QUOTE: "I freakin' love radio."

CHARACTERS: Will Smith, Chris Rock, Nick...