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Verge of the Dude

I leave rambling voice mail messages on my friend's answering machine and you get to hear them too. Proudly presented raw, unedited and in one take.

Nov 3, 2019

Anyways Dude, for years Halloween was my favorite holiday, now it just bums me out. You'd think if you lived in a "real" haunted house Halloween would be epic, sadly it isn't, at least not at Zane's.

CHARACTERS: Santa Claus, Bob Hope, Zane Grey, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers 

LOCATIONS: San Gabriel Valley, Studio City, Studio City Recreation Center, Toluca Lake, Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion, Eagle Rock, Christmas Tree Lane

MUSIC: The Times They Are a-Changin'

MOVIES/TV: The Warriors, The Third Man, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, American Horror Story, Halloween 

STUFF: Yankees, PA system

SOUNDS: wind, cars, crowsbirds

GENRE: storytelling, personal narrative, personal journal

PHOTO: "Haunted Elevator" shot on Marisol's iPhone5S

RECORDED: November 2, 2019 on the observation deck at the Zane Grey Estate in Altadena, California 

GEAR: Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD670, Sennheiser MD 46 microphone

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Proudly presented rough, raw and ragged. Seasoned with salty language and ideas. Not for most people's taste. Please be advised.

"Lance Anderson tells anecdotes with stunning fragmented and cluttered feeling." - Hanna Fahl of Dagens Nyheters (Google translation of Sweden's daily newspaper)